Solutions for research, evaluation, screening and testing
fOr biomaterials, medical devices and hybrid products.


Functional testing of biomaterials in close to clinical conditions with direct and customized protocols for various biomaterials types (metals, polymers, ceramics, hybrids, decellurized and native tissues, implantable and injectable hydrogels).

Evaluation of biomaterials and medical devices for conformity and risk assessment (2017/745), extendable to ATMP and medicinal products (1394/2007, 2004/23/EC), as well as in vitro devices (2017/746) and cosmetic preparations. BEST control and more solid evidence for patient safety.

Saving time and costs of lead development and optimization, eliminating unfeasible options and combinations. Shroter time-to-market with a BEST risk assessment(2003/94/EC).

High-output screening - up to 15 readouts (even from a single specimen), without need for a mechanistic biomaterial model, assumptions of homogeneity and usually non-destructive.

Reduction of animal in vivo tests - '3R' (2010/63/EC), verified for several solutions. BEST ethical value to your product, helping minimizing clinical tests (2001/20/EC, 2005/28/EC).