There are specific issues for engineering tissues that need to have mechanical as well as physiological and structural properties. It may not be necessary, as thought to be ideal, to match degrading of the biomaterial with the regeneration of the natural tissue.
— Prof. Martin Knight, Queen Mary University of London, UK

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BEST experimental evaluation and data analysis:

  • Enhanced testing and simulation of specimens with new data analysis

  • Processing of your laboratory test data (also made with other devices) with results interpretation

BEST specialized equipment for your products:

  • Special testing equipment (standard/customized) tailored for your applications*

  • Specialized supplies* - reference materials, sample holders, spare parts and components.

BEST cooperation services:

  • Training in BEST application and tailored protocols ('beyond the standards')

  • Joint R&D activities and assistance in bringing your products to market

                                                            * within partnership with Netzsch Gerätebau GmbH



BEST reasons to have:

  • Lower R&D and data costs

  • Higher clinical relevancy

  • Customized tailored protocols

  • Causal coherent tests data

  • Process your previous data

  • Enable model-free predictions

  • Discover hidden material features

  • Short lead development time

  • Faster way to market

  • Regulative compliance (2017/745)

  • High-precision hardware

  • High-output screening

  • Improved quality control

  • Supportive legal evidence

  • Higher ethical value (2010/63/EC)

BEST data for simulation and multi-objective design and optimization of new biomaterials, medial devices, and hybrid products.

Seqvera offers cooperation and assistance in development of customized protocols, hardware, and training in a proper data processing for customer cases.


Biomaterials and medical devices testing with BEST supports addressing the regulative requirements (2017/745, 2005/50/EC, 2003/94/EC, 2010/63/EC, 2001/20/EC, 2005/28/EC, 2001/83/EEC, 2007/47/EC, 1394/2007) rather than some static standards (alike ISO 10993).

BEST protocols are designed for the purpose and with the user. Please inquire about more details and options for your needs.

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